05/19/24: New outfit posted in the diary page ♥♥
03/24/24: What?! Hell has frozen over! First diary page update in eons & more to come :-)
09/16/23: ita.toys turns 5 today !! Hooray for a massive guestbook update ♥♥
01/01/23: Happy new year, fashionistas !! ★★
11/29/22: Long overdue guestbook update ♥♥
11/15/22: Posted a lil date night tartan look onto my diary page! ;-)
11/10/22: Beep boop !! Posted two new outfits onto my diary page! Beep boop boop !!
11/06/22: Posted a new outfit shot onto my diary page!
10/30/22: Complete redesign of my diary page! Hooray for new beginnings :-)
10/28/22: Updated my guestbook with all of your warm messages ♥♥ Just what I needed to lift my spirits!
10/25/22: Posted new outfit shots onto my diary page ft. my new bowl cut & fluevogs
10/19/22: Created ita updates page! About time !!
10/11/22: Cleaned up & updated my list of site buttons
10/10/22: Updated guestbook submissions~ Thank you all so much for your sweet words ♥♥
09/23/22: Wrote up some super duper serious horoscopes for
Autumn! ;-)
09/16/22: ita.toys turns 4 today !! Hooray !!
09/13/22: Updated the age on my profile page because it's my
birthday! :-)