CUTiE (1989 - 2015) was a Japanese fashion magazine marketed toward "independent girls". It operated as a hybrid of sorts, integrating street fashion in the same manner as FRUiTS alongside a wide array of fashion articles and manga, as included in many other popular girls magazines. At 26 years old, CUTiE was also one of the oldest, most established of its kind, having preserved much of its core identity throughout its lifetime. ✿ Source

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CUTiE No. 43 (May 1993)
CUTiE No. 45 (July 1993)
CUTiE No. 60 (October 1994)
CUTiE No. 66 (April 1995)
CUTiE No. 95 (December 1996)
CUTiE No. 112 (September 1997)
CUTiE No. 122 (March 1998)
CUTiE No. 142 (January 1999)
CUTiE No. 242 (September 2003)
CUTiE DIY Book Vol. 1 (2000)
CUTiE Interior Book (2003)