The Cutie Club is a webring for lovers of j-fashion!

Whether you're a designer, magazine collector, j-fashionista, or just someone who admires Japanese street fashion from afar, this is the perfect place for you!

If you have any questions, or find anything to be broken, email me!
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No hate speech.
No NSFW content.
No ads.
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All you need to join is a personal website that shares some aspect of your love for j-fashion!

To join, email me your website (& mention where to find the j-fashion-related stuff if it's hard to find).

Your site will need to be approved before it's officially listed as a Cutie Club member. Once you're approved, I'll let you know by replying to your initial email, but you could also check back here to see if your site has been listed as a member.

When you've been officially listed as a member, just copy/paste your favorite badge code anywhere on your site and voila! You're a Cutie Club member!
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